Before the Horse

I wander in this forest 

I cannot find my head

In the darkness that treads

Through the carcasses of the dead

There is no trail to follow

No way of turning back

To find my way back

To what once was

And no matter how dark it gets

I know I can only move forward

Onward to the end

But if this be a dream

I have dreamt it a thousand times

A headless man in a dark forest

Looking for some clarity

Searching for sanity

Trying to find his head 

This poem is an adaptation from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. This is my original work adapted from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Therefore I take no credit to its reference.

I Am Stricken

I am stricken

By this aura

Of self doubt

As I loath myself

My mind is in a drought

Only flooded by dark thoughts

And they all seem the same

So I never let them out

I wonder often

If I am to blame

For this misconstrued conception of self worth

Surely it hurts

But I am harsh on myself

Because no one ever was

I like myself enough

Not to let myself go to the wolves

I am a dark thinker 

Because I’ve seen dark things at night

I can only shake what I have seen

For a moment of clarity sometimes

A peace of mind where everything is silent

For a moment…

Only for a moment…

I could drift endlessly

Into processes of thought

That I had never thought existed

And be brought to a different meaning of existence

But only for a moment…

As the chaos erupts again

Before it begins 

I wish it would end