Beginnings to Ends – Ends to Beginnings

The sand in the hourglass trickles upward

Unknown to physics

The hours count down from the highest digit

Not quite the same as starting from zero

Observations say time is rewinding

What happens when it comes to the beginning?

Absolute zero

And so I put to question

Is the beginning then, just an end?

And therefore, are ends

New beginnings then?

Lucid Peaks

The inside of a dream

Lucid it seems

I move my fingers on command

My body will do as I demand

I step through the barrier of my thoughts

Engaging in what haunts me

Conjure courage

But it is lost to me

Yet curiosity peeks

As I gaze upon Everest’s peak

I am in a plane

Of my own design

Yet I am blind

To the reason

I take a breathe

And I am pushed out

Forever falling

I can see the ground

But it is eternally out of reach

Stepping Away

Stepping away for a second

I look at my past steps

Stepping back

I’m lacking access

To certain things

And particular facts

How am I supposed to act

While locked in a cage

For the rest of my days

Writing letters of love to those who hate

And writing letters of hate to those who love

Because even when I die

My soul will rise above

So, when I step away from the mirror

Looking in my own eyes

It gets no clearer

Than my reflection staring back

Fields of Paradise

Brought from the darkness

Known from the rest as

A slave to time

We are all slaves to the dime

That is made

There is little to fear

But what we do not know

Is something that makes us fearful

I speak of us as if we are sponges

Unaffected by the peril of feelings

Or rightful thoughts

From instincts

We are still reeling

Over the fact that the world is round

And that there is a universe that surrounds

Brought from darkness

The secrets in black

known from the rest

As a man who knows no less

Than fear

But when I caress you

I dream up visions far and near

Of Fields of Paradise

And songbirds chirping in my ears.

How Long

Be it that it may

I have nothing left to say

Nor nothing left to give

Be it that all things will

I shall live

I shall rise another day

To experience the disarray of our world

Following a road of wonder

I will be cast aside

For ideas that arise

Or be drawn asunder

I wonder

I do

How long the charade will last

How long will it take to realize

While locked in this place

That I’ve been locking myself away

A purposeful life led astray

How long will it take for memories to fade

To the black

The darkness of past days

How long will it take for the fire to die

A black flame flickering in the night

For You

Choices that I’ve made

Can never be replayed

But all I can do

Is look forward

And move toward

A dream of higher esteem

Where in a crowded room

I push through the people

To find you

It’s something that I wish to do

In this universe and that which is parallel

Because your story isn’t one I would dare to tell

To anyone else

Yet I would want to hear it for myself

A million and one times

Until the last breath we take

Or when everything is at stake

To be that cliché

I would risk it all For You

If I had it all and the world

I would give it all and my soul

For You


Our Dystopia

Listen close

To the hum and drum

The lull and droll

Of discourse in metropolis

Where lives he who feeds from others

He who feeds from himself

And he who isn’t fed at all

Words of Wisdom

On how to create Utopia

The perfect kingdom

In this beautiful dystopia

Where there is material value in chaos

Where peace is priceless because conflict generates profits